80s Are Back!

Or 80s hairstyles are back. Well, fashion is always repeating itself and everything you see in shops as brand new clothing was actually fashionable 20 or more years ago. It was only two days ago that I was looking at a lovely dress in shop when a lady that passed me by remarked that the dress represented the fashion of her youth.

The lady could have been my mother, perhaps even my grandmother. It is hard to say.

Anyway, this does not concern only clothing but also hairstyles! So if you are looking for a new trend because your hair seems too boring to you, just take a look at the old photos of your Mom. Because 80s hairstyles rock!

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Focus Formula for Improving Mental Health


Troubles of concentration and focus are not restricted to just patients suffering from ADD or ADHD. It is something normal that happens to the best of us. Native Remedies is a company that has long been known for its production of natural and herbal based supplements that improve the functioning of the body as a whole. It has built its reputation in the industry an herbal medicine and supplement provider. One such supplement is the Focus Formula and it was designed to help improve blood circulation to the brain thus feeding it nutrients and oxygen. This process helps to in turn, increases concentration and focus in a person. Focus Formula contains herbs which have properties that reduces irritability, stabilizes mood swings and impulsiveness, promote mental focus, reduce restlessness and improve memory capabilities of the brain.


All the ingredients of focus formula, click here, are herbal in nature and the constituents that make it up are; Maidenhair Tree, German Chamomile, Rooibos, Wild Oats, Extract of Nettle, Skullcap, and Gotu cola. Studies on the Maidenhair tree have shown that it has components that enhance healthy functioning of the circulatory system. The German chamomile constituents include volatile oil, flavonoids and tannins that hold calming properties. They also soothe and lessen fatigue and frustration. Rooibos contains magnesium, zinc and iron as its constituents. They help in maintaining a healthy nervous system and also enhance the brain’s natural systemic balance. Wild oats contribute by calming the nervous irritability. Its active ingredients consist of minerals, flavonoids, vitamins B1, B2, D and E. Extract of nettle help in maintaining the levels of sugar in the blood. It consists of minerals, vitamins A, B and C. All these give the memory a proper functioning. Skullcap maintains the mind’s natural equilibrium and healthy attitude. It contains tannins, volatile oils, minerals and flavonoids. Gotu cola is known to provide mental clarity by supporting the fundamental brain functions. It is also used as a tonic for a healthy nervous system.

Dosage of Focus Formula is through drops, corresponding to the age year of the child, in half liter water or juice twice a day. It is also available as supplement tablets. Adults may take up to 20 drops of the same. Medical experts have however advised against usage of the formula during pregnancy or when lactating or breastfeeding just as a precautionary measure.

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Christina Aguilera: The Master Of Impressions

We all know that Christina Aguilera is very talented. Her voice is amazing and her performances are simply just flawless.

But there is one more thing about Christina you probably do not know about. It is her second huge talent. Which is slightly different but also incredible.

Because Christina Aguilera is a master of impressions! And the proof is in the video below. Just chceck out her amazing impressions of Cher, Miley, Gaga, Sia, Shakira, etc. She nailed it! This woman is a natural.

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Celebrities And Losing Weight

Who could be a better teacher of dieting than celebrities. They always have to accustom their weight to the role they are playing. So most of their life they are dieting then gaining weight, then dieting and then again. It is a vicious circle.

The thing is, we all know how to gain weight, don´t we? It is much easier than losing weight.

So when we want to lose some weight, some celebrity advice would be really helpful. Or not? What do you think about these 5 celebrity diets? Would you actually go for them?

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Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos

Prom photos are not always flattering. And even though we try to make them look just as good as possible, we sometimes fail. At least we have a memory we can later laugh about.

But do not worry, the same thing happens to celebrities. Their prom photos are a living proof that they were not always awesome and flawless and that back then at high school they were just average students like all of us. Are they not? Just look at Jessica Alba – now the most beautiful woman in the world, once a student just like you with a partner that is not better than your first high-school boyfriend.

Jessica-Alba  Blake-Lively Jennifer-Aniston

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The Craziest Blind Date

Most of us hate blind dating. Why wouldn´t we, there is nothing worse than meeting with a person you know nothing about. Especially when you are meeting with them with expectations. Expectations of possible relationship.

You imagine what they might look like, what is their hobby, what kind of voice they have…. And after a while, you start idealizing. But then you actually go on the date and you are….disappointed.

But let´s not be so negative. The reason why we should not give up on blind dating is Zentai Dating. If you want to know more about this mysterious thing, check out the video below.

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Top Quadcopters for Sale

DSC00688Quadcopters are quickly becoming a popular option for people with an interest in flying small aircrafts and various mini aircraft enthusiasts. If you are new to this and would like to try it, it would be wise to find out what quadcopters for sale are out there, and determine which quadcopter would suit your needs as well as your skill. This review gives some insight into the most highly rated quadcopters to hopefully guide you in the right direction.

Beginner pilots

For beginner pilots, the Hubsan X4 is a small palm sized quadcopter that is suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor flying. This is thanks to its adjustable gyro sensitivity and its amazing 6-axis flight control system. This makes guiding the quadcopter very easy. Its 2.4 Ghz controller is very user friendly meaning that you don’t have to be an expert in order to control it. The LED lights enable flying at night. Among the many quadcopters for sale to beginner pilots, this top notch device is well worth the money spent. The DJI Phantom Aerial UAV quadcopter is a very appropriate quadcopter for more seasoned quad enthusiasts who are well versed with quadcopter controls. With advanced GPS positioning, it can be flown outdoors without the adverse effects of flight wind.  It has the option of a camera at an extra cost, and with a speed of a maximum of 22 mph, it can be able to take great photos at your command.

Professional quadcopter pilotsFPV-Quadcopter

Professional quadcopter pilots looking for quadcopters for sale would be very pleased to try out the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter, which has a flight time of 25 minutes when fully charged. It is integrated with a 14 megapixel first person view (FPV) camera which enables it to take high resolution images. There are many more things that can be said about these quadcopters and whatever your inclination, you are sure to get a very satisfying user experience.

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Recommended Retail Price for Single and Tripple Regaine Foam

1357736153465Regaine Foam is the first and final clinically demonstrated foam hair loss treatment for men. It meets expectations by expanding the blood supply to the hair follicles, which serves to reinforce existing hair and empower optional hair development. The simple to-utilize foam takes next to no time to apply, significance it consistently fits into your every day prepping schedule.

Right now there is almost no contrast between the price of Solution and Foam. You can purchase in 1 month or 3 month packs however frankly, seeing as you have to utilize it long haul for it to be compelling there is next to no reason for purchasing it 1 month on end.


Regaine-regaine-boxThe suggested retail price for Regaine Foam Single Pack: £34.95 and prescribed retail Price for regaine Foam Triple Pack: £69.90 yet you can discover it for a ton less on the web. To get it at its most minimal conceivable price anyway you have to purchase it in mass. I am talking 3 or 6 months supply in one go. Purchase it along these lines and you will be paying not as much as a large portion of the price.


To attain to the 90% shot of halting your loss of hair you have to take after the suggested headings:

  • Apply it twice every day with a twelve hour interim in the middle. Typically this implies once in the morning and once at night. Try not to miss a treatment and don’t make a difference more than is suggested.
  • Verify you scalp is dry before you apply it.
    Holding the can upside down press a large portion of a top ful into the palm of you hand.
  • Knead the Foam into the zones of your scalp where you are encountering hair loss.
  • Wash your hand
    It is most likely the best alternative for men who experience hereditary hair loss and want to try using Regaine for the first time. If you are as of now a normal client of the topical form and content with it there’s little motivation to change unless you hate the buildup left by the older product.

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The “Gilly” Suit for Kids

293774_tsGhillie suits are quickly become popular for people who enjoy camouflage, and now kids can join in the fun too. Often misspelled as the “gilly suit for kids”, the kids’ ghillie suits are a fun size for children between ages 11 up to 15. If your child likes to play army or paintball or any other game that requires them to hide from their opponents, this suit will most certainly give them the element of surprise.


Designed with the intent to distort the appearance or form of the human body, the “gilly suit for kids” is made of a breathable fabric that covers the whole body, a lightweight fabric such as netting which is then covered with strips of twine and cloth or both. It is worn to cover your child from head to toe, and as an extra feature in making it blend with the natural surroundings, the strips of cloth and twine are sometimes cut and shaped so that they resemble tree twigs or plant or shrub leaves. If your child hid outside in this suit, most unsuspecting people wouldn’t notice it.


The suit can be a two piece garment with the jacket and pants, but there is also a one piece suit. If your child enjoys hiding while playing paintball, the two piece suit would be ideal for their mobility, helping them be able to lie in wait without being noticed, and to strike their unsuspecting opponent at the right moment with their element of surprise. The “gilly suit for kids” is available in different themes such as the Kids Desert Camo Ghillie Suit which can be worn to blend in with desert-like surroundings, The Woodland Camo Ghillie Suit for greener surroundings, and there is even the Night fighter Camo Ghillie Suit that makes you kid blend in with the dark. Ghillie suits are sure to keep your kids and everyone around them entertained.

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Signs that you need Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is an option that couples should consider when they are having marital problems. It is important to try and salvage or repair the cracks in a marriage before opting for divorce altogether. Below are some reasons that show you may need marriage counseling.


MenYellingAtWoman_v2A sign that you need marriage counseling is when there is lack of communication in the marriage. When couples have stopped talking the way they used to in the past it usually means that there is an underlying problem in the marriage. Some couples argue when there is a problem some just stop talking to each other. They stop sharing their opinions love, views and thoughts with each other.

Another sign that you need marriage counseling is when both partners start telling lies and keeping secrets from one another. When couples become estranged, they start keeping secrets from one another. They change passwords of their phones, computers and even bank pin numbers. This is a bad sign and usually means that things are on the brink of falling apart if they haven’t already.

Negative feelings

images (3)Acting out on negative feelings can hurt a marriage too. It indicates that you need marriage counseling. For example, when a spouse is harboring bitter feelings because of something that their partner may have done in the may cause them to start acting out on the smallest of things. Clinical psychologists explain this as something that the spouse is trying to do which looks like a revenge but it is not quite one. They do this so that the other spouse may feel the pain they felt. It is a counter-productive measure that will only hurt the marriage much more.

When a couple is constantly under stress indicates that they need marriage counseling. Daily stress can be about anything. It may be related or not related to the marriage but when one of the partners or both is constantly gloomy, sad or stressed it can take a toll on the other partner as well. Daily stress may also indicate that there is something wrong with one or both of you that you are not addressing.

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