Too Busy To Be True

We are all busy in this world. Actually, most of us do not even know what it is like not to be busy, do we? And the fact is that the more ve realize it, the worse it all gets. And the more busy we feel. Which is just totally terrible. However, we often do this to ourselves. We want…

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Dog Fights!

Do not worry, we are not talking about dogs fighting each other. We are taling about dogs fighting inanimate objects. Just things, because why not? Well, apparently, dogs do not like things that are not moving. Although, some dogs do not like things that are moving. It is hard, anyway, the point is, dogs are eager to win this fight….

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Disneyland Or Dismaland

Would you like to go to Disneyland someday? Well, of course you would, who would not? But why don´t you, instead of visiting Disneyland, rather visit Dismaland! Dismaland is in Britain, near London and it is a dystopian theme park created by Banksy, a famous artist whose graffiti you can see all over London. However, Dismaland was not only created…

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Teachers And Their Salary Around The World

Are you planning to become a teacher? Well, think twice before you choose your career. Or think before you choose your destination. Because while in some countries teachers can earn quite a decent amount of money per month, in others it does not really have to be that way. The salary of a teacher varies from country to country. Do…

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You And Your Aura

So what do you think? Do you believe in aura and all the things about it? Have you ever tried having your aura read by a professional aura reader (yes, such person exists!)? Or do you think that it is actually not real at all? Well, first of all, what is aura? An energy surrounding our body? Well, probably. But…

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Girls Vs. Dating Profiles

Online dating can get a little bit awkward from time to time. Especially dating profiles of people who are looking for a soulmate online. And it does not really matter whether it is guys or girls. Both are sometimes trying too hard and as a result their profiles can be funny. Like really funny. However, if you do want to…

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Awesome Pictures For Every Parent!

This is for parents only. Well, not that other people cannot read this post, it is just that they may not find it just as funny. But parents, they will understand. They will know. Because there are simply things that you experience only when you become a parent. And no one else can ever know about that. Being parent is…

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You And Your Hangover

It is always a mystery for me but I somehow do not understand why we are doing this to ourselves. And by this I mean drinking. Because it surely seems to be fun but the following morning is definitely not funny at all. For most of us. Those who do not have hangover are crazy, I think. Well, let´s talk…

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Let´s Roll Up!

Why? Because sandwiches are way too boring. And nobody really is so excited with sandwich anymore. It is not like when sandwiches were Joey´s favourite food. That time is over. Now, you have to be more sophisticated with food. And one way to be sophisticated is to roll your sandwich up! And create these amating roll-ups which you can prepare…

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